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Tragic Cycle in Brooklyn
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There is a tragic cycle that seems to happen in many cities, including Brooklyn: A tragic accident will occur, say for example, a child is injured on an escalator, and the community will express shock and outrage, experts will saturate the local media with safety tips, parents will assiduously incorporate the safety tips for a time, then parents and caregivers will get lax in their implementation of the safety tips and another similar accident will occur and the process will repeat. Sometimes, however, even when parents are being as attentive and safety conscious as they need to be, tragedies can still occur, often through the negligence of others. If this has happened to you or your child, contacting an accident attorney in Brooklyn can help you to recover the damages that you have lost due to the accident.

When properties or facilities are not adequately maintained, it can lead to an accident that causes serious injury. Children are especially susceptible to injury in an accident because of their smaller size and undeveloped fine motor skills. If some form of negligence has led to the accident that injured your child, you do have the opportunity to recoup financial losses, and in some cases, other damages, as well, with the help of an experienced accident attorney who regularly handles such cases in Brooklyn.

The attorneys at Macaluso & Fafinski, P.C. have as their mission the task of getting justice for those injured in a preventable accident. When you work with Macaluso & Fafinksi, your accident attorney will aggressively pursue the full amount of compensation to which you are entitled in the courts of Brooklyn. Contact an accident attorney in Brooklyn today for a legal assessment of your case and to discuss the next steps that you should take.

Accident Attorney Brooklyn – With offices in the Bronx, NY, and on Wall Street, the proven, aggressive accident lawyers and malpractice attorneys of Macaluso & Fafinski, P.C. represent clients needing an attorney throughout the five boroughs of New York City, including Brooklyn. Contact us if you have been harmed and believe someone should be held accountable. Visit or call 718.364.4000 to schedule a consultation with an accident attorney in Brooklyn. Your initial consultation will be free, and you will not need to take on financial risk if we are able to pursue your case.