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Despite Best Efforts, Parents Cannot Always Keep Kids Safe
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Parents in Brooklyn, like everywhere else, want what’s best for their children. Whether it is reading the latest advice from pediatricians on the best way to have a baby sleep in a crib, to making sure that kids have helmets when biking or skating, to trying to make sure that children have well-balanced meals every day, parents are forever looking after the safety and well-being of their children. This is why it can be especially disturbing when a product that was supposed to keep a child safe ends up harming them instead. If your child has suffered an injury because of a defective product, contact an injury attorney in Brooklyn today to determine whether you should be filing a lawsuit.

Over the past decade, multiple infant and child safety and booster seats have been recalled by various companies due to flaws in design or defects in manufacturing. In most of those cases, the recall happened only after an injury was sustained. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that thousands of babies and toddlers suffer injury every year because of safety and booster seats that malfunction.

If you have unwittingly put your child in harm’s way by utilizing a product that caused or exacerbated an injury, you may have recourse through a personal injury attorney. With offices in the Bronx and on Wall Street, Macaluso & Fafinski, Attorneys at Law, serve the Brooklyn area in cases of product liability. Schedule an appointment with their office to speak with a personal injury attorney in Brooklyn who can assist you in getting the justice that your child deserves.

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