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Bronx Worker Killed in Construction Accident
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When a Bronx worker was killed in a construction accident recently, it was a tragic reminder of the inherent dangers of construction sites and the need for a personal injury lawyer that many construction workers often find themselves in when an accident robs them of their health and sometimes their livelihoods. If you have suffered any sort of injury on a construction site or elsewhere in the Bronx for which you believe you are due remuneration, contact a Bronx personal injury lawyer who will fight aggressively on your behalf.

The recent incident that took the life of 38-year-old Tristan Manamghaya occurred when an industrial refrigeration unit fell from a crane and crushed him. Although the intention had been to secure the cooling unit to prevent such a mishap, that step was never taken by the construction team prior to the injury. It took fire department personnel more than an hour to extricate the victim from under the unit. He was immediately transported to a nearby Bronx hospital where he later died as a result of the catastrophic injury.

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