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Who Is Responsible for These Five Terrible Theme Park Accidents?
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Six Flags in Arlington

The Texas Giant rollercoaster. Image courtesy of

When Rosy Esparza visited Six Flags in Arlington, TX this July, all she had in mind was a fun day out with her family, including....

Taking a Road Trip? Better Hope You Don’t Pass Through These Cities…
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Summer is here at last, and you know what that means – lazy afternoons by the pool, cookouts with friends, and, of course, summer vacation. According to the Associated Press, with the economy looking up, the travel forecast for the summer of 2013 is better than it has been in several years. Though....

Brooklyn Man Accused of Causing Car Accident Was Trying to Escape a Brawl, Says Lawyer
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A car accident in which four victims were mowed down outside of a lounge was the result of a driver trying to flee a mob brawl, according to a lawyer for the accused. The Brooklyn man who allegedly ran his vehicle into a group of patrons outside of a lounge recently was charged with drunk driving,....

Three Dead Because Driver Did Not Obey Red Light
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Three people were killed in Brooklyn recently when a driver failed to heed a red light. The accident is indicative of the many ways in which drivers can disregard the rules of the road and put innocent victims in harm’s way – often with tragic results. If you have become the victim of an accident....

Bronx Worker Killed in Construction Accident
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When a Bronx worker was killed in a construction accident recently, it was a tragic reminder of the inherent dangers of construction sites and the need for a personal injury lawyer that many construction workers often find themselves in when an accident robs them of their health and sometimes their....