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Five of the Worst Industrial Accidents in American History
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After the horrific collapse of a Bangladesh clothing factory last spring that left more than 900 workers dead or missing, the world was appalled. Because major American retailers such as Wal-Mart used the factory to produce their products, it prompted an outcry against....

Could Self-Driving Cars Reduce the Number of Auto Accidents?
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Imagine going out for happy hour with friends without the worry of appointing a designated driver. Imagine texting, eating, checking email, or even watching a movie while making the long commute home every day. Imagine never having to....

Are You Wanted? A Proactive Approach To Active Arrest Warrants
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There is nothing worse than getting pulled over for a routine traffic stop, only to find out that you have outstanding warrants against you. Something as simple as missing a court date, or failing to pay a traffic ticket, can result in a warrant. If you aren’t informed....

Are You Afraid of the Dark? – Three Truly Frightening Haunted House Accidents
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It’s that time of year—and it seems to come earlier and earlier every year—it’s haunted house season. Each year, new haunted houses and new features spring up featuring gruesome....

San Paolo Building Collapse Reminiscent of Five Other Tragic Engineering Disasters
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San Paolo Building Collapse Reminiscent of Five Other Tragic Engineering Disasters

On August 27, 2013, a clothing store in the last stage of construction collapsed in San Paolo, killing seven. Twenty-six other people were pulled from the rubble. According to the BBC, such building collapses are frequent....