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Keeping Track of Product Recalls: How to Keep Your Family Safe and Healthy
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As a consumer, it’s important to know whether or not a product poses a threat to you and your family members, particularly small children. After all, it’s your role as a parent to protect them from harm, right? Not only does it pay to research a company before buying....

Deceptive Killers: How Winter Ice Storms Are Driving Up Motor Vehicle Accident Rates
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While the dangers to U.S. roads caused by winter weather differ across the country, nearly 70% of U.S. citizens are likely to be confronted with some form of severe winter weather at some point. From moderate snows to blinding blizzards and freezing rain, winter weather....

High Chair Accidents: Who’s Responsible and Who Isn’t?
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Anytime we hear of a trend regarding a particular type of injury, especially where children are concerned, we tune in and pay attention. And recently, high chair injuries have been making headlines. According to the National Electronic Injury Surveillance System, approximately....

The Leading Causes of Bicycle Accidents and How to Avoid Them
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Bicycling continues to soar in popularity, and if you’re one of the growing number who has taken up the sport, you will enjoy improved health and wellness, the camaraderie of other cyclists, among numerous other benefits that are unique to each rider. Not to deter....

Statins: Lifesaver or Moneymaker?
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If you’ve been anywhere near a newspaper, the Internet, or the evening news, you’ve surely caught snippets of the heated debate over the recently published Guidelines on Lifestyle Management to Reduce Cardiovascular Risk. Published by the Journal of the American....