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When Fun Becomes Fatal: Tips for Protecting You and Your Family from Attraction-Related Accidents
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As summer fast approaches and the 2013-2014 school year comes to a close, you’re likely to have a family vacation or two planned. If you choose to visit an amusement park, waterpark or go-kart track, there are some things you should know about the attraction and its....

Personal Injuries Attributed to Nursing Home Abuse are Common Nationwide
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An elderly woman residing in a Bronx nursing home was beaten and bloodied by an aide a few months ago. Her injuries were so severe that they required staples to close them. A 47 year old nurse was caught on surveillance video pushing the 73 year old woman who was a resident at....

Is Your Child at Risk of Suffering an Injury on the Playground?
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Could one of the happiest places for your children to play be among the most dangerous?  According to the Centers for Disease Control....

Strange but True: Mazda Issues Recall Because of Spiders in the Fuel Tank
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Added to the list of recalls is the Mazda 6 but not for the reason you might suspect.  Apparently, the problem lies in the vehicle’s fuel tank.  Spiders are attracted to it and nest there causing a potentially dangerous situation for motorists.  A web may be woven....

Could Regular Health Screenings Have Prevented MTA Bus Crash?
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A Metropolitan Transportation Authority bus driver suffered an extreme medical emergency recently and slammed the bus that he was driving into more....