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Abogado en Accidentes de ferrocarril del Long Island Railroad
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Abogado en accidentes de ferrocarril del Long Island Railroad

Los Neoyorkinos dependen de los trenes para recibir un servicio rápido y fácil no solo dentro de la ciudad, sino también para ir a los suburbios circundantes. El Metro North y el Long Island Railroad, por ejemplo, prestan servicio....

Accidentes ocasionados por enviar mensajes de textos
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Mandar mensajes de texto al conducir es un problema real. En una sociedad que está obsesionada con la tecnología, hoy en día es más difícil simplemente “desconectarse”. Esto es cierto incluso en situaciones que requieren de nuestra completa atención, como conducir. Conducir distraído es....

Driver/Pedestrian Accidents are on the Rise in the Bronx
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  A NYPD police car responding to a scene of a crime struck a teen girl in the Bronx recently leaving her looking like “a human pretzel” according to witnesses.  The 13-year-old girl was hit on Grand Concourse at East 170th street when....

Does a Driver’s Lack of Experience Make Them More Susceptible to Automobile Accidents?
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It’s a scene that happens all too often. Two people were killed when their vehicles crashed at a busy intersection in Brooklyn. The impact was so powerful it split one of the vehicles in half as it hit a nearby utility pole. A Nissan Maxima driven by 20-year-old Philbert....

Fatal Forklift Accident in Brooklyn Being Investigated
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Earlier this month, Gustavo Tapia, aged 22, was killed in a forklift accident in Brooklyn, New York. He was using a walk behind forklift to push a Yale forklift up a ramp when it rolled backward and pinned him against the wall. The operator of the electric forklift was....